Questions & Answers


Q: How deep is an average water well in our area?

A: Most wells in our area range from 60-300 feet depending on the location. Sometimes in the Davenport area water wells can be deeper. Matt Montana will be able to provide you with a knowledgeable estimate as to the depth of a water well for your property by meeting with you and researching other wells in that specific area.

Q: Where will my well be drilled?

A: Wells are located on a property based on the required distance from the house and surrounding septic systems. We will also research reports on completed wells in the area to determine if there are any geological issues. Matt Montana will meet with the home owner and inspect the property to determine the best location. 

Q: Can we guarantee water?

 A: The majority of places in Osceola County will produce water when a well is drilled. There are some areas that may not produce water, but we are familiar with these areas and will inform you if that’s the case. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee water because we can’t control what’s happening underground. But we can guarantee that if there’s water, we will find it! 

Q: How much water is needed to run an average household?

A: A good house well should produce at least 10-15 gallons per minute. If you are planning to irrigate your lawn on top of daily functions you should have about 20-25 gallons per minute.

Q: How are water wells protected from surface contaminants?

A: Montana Well Drilling abides by all of the South Florida Water District Management strict water well construction standards. We use steel casing and bentonite grout to protect your well from contaminants.

Q: How long is the warranty on a pump systems?

A: All of the pumps we sell come with a one year factory warranty against defects. All of the pressure tanks we sell come with a five year factory warranty.